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Top Downtown Seattle Dentist, conservative and conscientious with over 30 years of experience. Sound Dentistry is your Seattle Dentist Downtown specializing in Adult General, Preventative and Restorative Dentistry, Zoom Teeth Whitening, Implant Dentistry, and Complete and Partial Dentures. First and foremost we believe regular preventive care is the most effective way to maintain good oral health. Dr. Nicolini and his staff are trained in the latest technological advances and will ensure you receive the best Dental Care possible. Sound Dentistry Seattle is one of only a few Seattle Dentists that have its own In-House Dental Laboratory and Technician, so we can provide the best outcomes and customized care for our patients, in a timely manner. Our office is well versed in insurance procedures and will assist you throughout your treatment. We are a Regence and Amazon/Delta Dental PPO Provider and also accept all regular dental insurance and will gladly handle all your dental claims and estimates for you. Sound Dentistry Seattle is conveniently located in the 8th & Olive Building near the South Lake Union Amazon campus in the Denny Triangle of Downtown Seattle.

Dentistry Downtown Seattle
Sound Dentistry Seattle, Rick Nicolini DDS

720 Olive Way #830

Seattle, WA 98101


Dentists Downtown Seattle

Dentist Downtown Seattle:

Top Seattle Dentist Downtown, Sound Dentistry Seattle, Rick Nicolini DDS is your Downtown Seattle Dentist. Conservative and conscientious with over 30 years of experience. A Regence and Amazon/Delta Dental PPO Provider Offering Free Whitening, the Finest General and Implant Dentistry, Complete and Partial Dentures, with an In-House Dental Lab. Sound Dentistry Seattle is conveniently located in the 8th & Olive Building near the South Lake Union Amazon campus in the Denny Triangle of Downtown Seattle.

Sound Dentistry Seattle, Rick Nicolini DDS

720 Olive Way #830

Seattle, WA 98101


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Seattle Dentist Yelp Reviews

12/04/15 – BK. Seattle, WA – 5 STARS!

Great Dentist! I am hooked no pain and always excellent work.  Keep it up!


5/27/2015 – Monique V. Belleview, WA – 5 STARS!

First, to be completely transparent, the Dental Hygienist, Doreen is my mom so I’m a little biased about the quality cleanings I get at Sound Dentistry   But even the kid of a dental professional can get a cavity every once in a while.

Dr. Nicolini has been my dentist for about 20 years and in all that time I have never once been afraid to get a cavity drilled or filled. He and his staff constantly ask you how you are doing throughout the procedure as your comfort is key to them. In fact, during my last procedure I was so relaxed I started to tap my toes and fingers to the beat of the music overhead.
I also can’t say enough about the quality work their technician John does to create your crown, implant, bleaching trays, etc. It’s been just about 10 years since he made my bleaching trays and they still work great!
Quick, quality work…and they have an awesome Dental Hygienist!


6/25/2014 – Eric C. Chicago, IL – 5 STARS!

Just moved to Seattle from Midwest and was long over due check up and cleaning. After putting it off longer than I should, I finally started the hunt for my next dentist. After scrolling through reviews of what seemed like thousands of dentists, I came across Sound Dentistry and its very professional appearance. I did a little more research and decided to make my appointment with Dr. Rick Nicolini DDS.
Upon arrival, I was greeted kindly and graciously by Mary Ellen at the front desk. I filled out some very easy forms and grabbed a chair in the modern and very comforting waiting room. I felt very calm with the beautiful saltwater fish tank that I sat across from, that I almost fell asleep. Lol. That never happens at the dentist.
After a brief 15 min wait, Dr Nicolini came to bring me to the back. I figured I would be led to a darkened cramp single chair room, but to my surprise, it was very open layout.  One giant room with about 5 or 6 chairs that were nice separated by partitions, very much like a loft. We went straight into the exam after some small talk. Dr Nicolini made me feel very relaxed. After an initial examination, it looked as if I had a cavity. On to the x-ray room we went. After maybe 15 min the x-rays were ready and turned out I did indeed have a small cavity. The Dr said he would be able to take care of it today and not have to make another appointment. I couldn’t believe it,  I was thrilled.
Dr Nicolini began right away and I was done in 1/2 hr. I couldn’t believe it, I didn’t feel a thing. Not even the numbing shot. They use a special shot with very tiny needle that is connected to a small machine that helps administer the anesthetic. Coolest thing ever.
Directly after I went and received my teeth cleaning. The teeth cleaning was done with a high pressure stream of water with salt granules that basically give your teeth a blast. This was also very much so painless. I was done in 25min.
In the end, I could not be happier. Dr Nicolini and his staff are the greatest. Im so happy I found Sound Dentistry. Thank You!


6/25/14 – Suzanne M. Sammamish, WA – 5 STARS!

If you are looking for outstanding care and a polite, professional staff, Sound Dentistry is your place!!!  I have been a patient of Dr Nicolini’s for 10+ years now. His hygienist, Doreen, is fast, up to date on the latest technology and very sweet. Dr Nicolini has helped me through countless filling and crowns. I feel like he takes personal pride in making sure I have a beautiful smile!


7/26/14 – Christina M. Snoqualmie, WA – 5 STARS!

Dr Nicolini and his staff are awesome!!!  In addition to my regular 6 month checkups, he also whitened my teeth and got rid of the Madonna gap between my two front teeth!!!  I love my smile again!


8/27/14 – Matt M. Snoqualmie, WA – 5 STARS!

Recently started a new job in Seattle and figured I would find a dentist close to work. Through a Google search (sound dentistry) I found Dr. Nicolini. After my third visit the staff continues to exceed my expectations and I feel Dr. Nicolini has been very honest and fair with my needs, which is hard to find from dentists these days. As an example, Dr. Nicolini was upfront with the fact that if I needed specialized work he would not hesitate to refer me out to a specialist (Orthodontists or Endodontists etc…) and that speaks volumes because it showed he cared about my teeth and not to just make a buck off of me😉  I have had bad experiences in the past with other dentists trying to push work that I didn’t need, frustrating to say the least! If I have any advice, get a SECOND or even a THIRD opinion on all work…  Don’t get ripped off!


9/23/13 – Ellie H. Seattle, WA – 5 STARS!

Everyone on his staff is skilled; Dr. Nicolini is very professional and is agreeable with prioritizing dental work needed based on your insurance coverage.  Highly recommend this practice.  Have been a patient since the mid-1990s.


2/29/2012 – Olivia F. Seattle WA – 5 STARS!

I have been going to Dr. Nicolini for 5+ years. Best dentist I ever had!! Thanks so much for making my experience at the dentist enjoyable🙂